My story

Hi, I’m Anders B. Asphaug

For many years I felt like there was something missing from my life, and I had only a vague sense of what. There was just this feeling that there must be more. More life, more emotion, more richness… I didn’t know how to go about getting there, and so I decided to explore. That was the best decision I ever made. I explored my own experience, got really curious about myself, and soon things shifted. I started feeling more, and I became more conscious of myself.

This was great. At the same time, not only was I feeling more joy and excitement, I was feeling the “bad” feelings more too. I could get really down, and sometimes even overwhelmed. At the same time, my longer term life issues stuck with me. Not only had I not solved the problems in my life, I had become more acutely aware of them, and how painful they felt.

Again I felt like something was missing. I needed a method, some way that I could deal with my emotions, and heal the places where I was stuck. The search went on. It was a windy road, and I found some real gems along the way, although nothing that was just right. But eventually I found what I was searching for.

Focusing provided me with the tools, strategies and wisdom that let me stay deeply connected with myself, and at the same time dealing with difficult emotions. Not only did I discover exactly how to dis-identify from my difficult parts (like the inner critic) I – like many others before me – experienced that there is treasure buried under even the most uncomfortable of emotions!

I have been living and breathing Focusing since 2010, and have reaped many benefits. I’m a certified Focusing teacher and guide trained by Ann Weiser Cornell at Focusing Resources. Please check out this website, and contact me if it feels like this could be for you!

Anders B. Asphaug

If you want to know more about Focusing, please check out Focusing Resources, or the website of the method’s originator, Gene Gendlin.