Guided Focusing Sessions

A one-on-one guided Focusing session is a great way for you to connect deeply with yourself. As Focusing is about accessing your own inherent wisdom, it can benefit you in any area of your life, from emotional difficulties to accessing your creativity in relationships, work or art. You decide which subject you want to focus upon, and my job is to guide you into the right kind of process.

A session usually lasts 50 minutes, can be done via telephone, Skype or in person.  Contact me!


I also offer coaching for people who want a more varied, flexible and/or goal-oriented type of process. I really enjoy this type of work, as it allows me to draw upon my other interests and experience in the field of self-development. Often I will integrate Focusing processes or elements, which tends to be very powerful.

I can work with you over time to reach specific goals (career, relationships, health), or more generally to become more conscious in your day to day life.

I can also teach and/or help integrate authentic communication (I’m a certified Circling Leader from Circling Europe), NVC (Non-Violent Communication) or conflict work more generally.

Workshops and courses

Im also available to teach Focusing or Focusing-related subjects, such as

  • Keeping a cool head in challenging times
  • Nurturing a loving inner environment
  • How to relate and communicate effectively with other people

Workshop contents can be adapted to your needs. Contact me for details!