Interested in Focusing? This infographic gives you a quick overview

Anders B. Asphaug, Facilitator & guide

1 April 2015

This infographic describes the benefits of Focusing, what it is, and how to do it.

Focusing is a simple, yet powerful method of accessing your body’s knowledge. It was developed by Eugene Gendlin and many others from the 1960s up until today, and can be applied in numerous areas and ways. For instance, I use it when I design things, like this website and the infographic you see here. Emotional healing and creating nourishing intimate relationships are other great ways that I and many others use it. Check out the graphic here:

Anders B. Asphaug

Anders B. Asphaug

MSc, Cand. polit.

Anders is a certified Circling Leader, a educated conflict worker, and is currently certifying as a Focusing professional. He leads regular authentic communication workshops and communication courses. He is also available for one-on-one sessions for people who want to gain the inner strength (and skill set) necessary to stand more firmly in their life. He finds that in order to master your relationships with others, it is essential to cultivate your inner relationship.

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